We believe in functional fashion inspired to simplify life.

Our magnetic straps and accessories bring a modern touch to your everyday essentials

Mag Strap Mini

This Mag Strap is extremely versatile. It can be used for multiple situations.

Mag Strap Wristlet

Our Magnetic Strap are a classic but modern take on your outdated essentials. It’s a 12” faux leather strap with two neodymium magnets that are extremely strong, the magnetic wristlet has heavy duty hardware on each end. Handmade in the USA

Card Holder

Lip Balm Holder

Phone Holder



From Our Customers:

"It took me a while to finally post a review of my Atrac @_atrac_ magnetic key strap but I've gotta say I am in love with it! I'm the type of person that normally just throws her keys into what ever pocket or bag is nearest to me but since receiving my mag strap I've been getting into the habit of quickly and easily attaching my keys to my diaper bag, my stroller handle and even my pocket. It has made a HUGE difference and saves me from major frustration of trying to find my keys in said pocket or bag when I'm stubbornly hauling (juggling🤷‍♀‍) in 3 different things in at once including a carseat, diaper bag, groceries and or the mail! Thank you @_atrac_ !! #_atrac_ #momhacks #magnetic #magstrap #keygoals #goals #momlife #itsthelittlethings #winning"
It's so nice to be able to just stick my keys to my car where my daughter can't get to them and they're out of the way where I can easily find them after buckling her in the car seat. Genius!


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We are excited to announce we are at Scheels in Mankato MN! You can purchase our straps and accessories Online at as well as

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